Masseur – working day at this position for 8 hours. Only qualified massage therapists are required, i.e. with specialized education. Responsibilities: A masseur performs the following procedures:

  • 1. Carries out monitoring of compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements for the organization of the work of the massage room and the workplace of a massage therapist.
  • 2. Prepares patients for massage, monitors the condition of patients during procedures.
  • 3. Conducts therapeutic (classic), segmental, point, sports, hygienic, cosmetic, apparatus massage, underwater shower-massage.
  • 4. It uses private methods of massage for diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system, central and peripheral nervous system, internal organs, metabolic diseases, urinary system, skin in the postoperative period of rehabilitation treatment in surgery.
  • 5.Uses the methods of massage in children, massage and exercise in early childhood ..
  • 6. Observes the rules of combining massage with physiotherapy, physiotherapy, stretching, manual therapy.
  • 7. Complies with the requirements of labor protection, safety, occupational health, fire safety in the operation of premises, equipment and equipment used for medical massage classes.
  • 8. Ensures the infectious safety of patients and medical personnel, meets the requirements of infection control in the massage room.
  • 9. Timely and efficiently keeps medical records.
  • 10. Complies with the moral and legal norms of professional communication, fulfills the requirements of labor discipline. Conducts sanitary and educational work.
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